Weekly Specials & Offers.


This page shows some of the Weekly Specials and Offers that are available at the shop, in addition to the wide range of fresh meats that are available all the time. However all offers are whilst stocks last, so if you are particularly after one offer, its best to call ahead and check with staff. 


4 Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets and 4 Pork Loin Chops (with Bone)


If your a Chicken lover and seem to eat it alot; this is by far the best and cheapest way of buying Chicken Breasts.

Approx 20-22 Fresh Chicken Breasts per box.

2lb (907g) Chicken Breast FILLETS - £6.99

2lb of Fresh, Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet. This usually consists of 4-5 Breasts. Either diced or left as whole breasts.

Whole Breasts can be either left plain or flavoured in the following marinades: BBQ, Chinese, Cajun, Sweet Chilli or Garlic & Herb Butter.

CHICKEN STIR-FRY - BUY 1lb, get another 1lb free

£4.99 per lb (454g).

All Freshly made on the premises; Fresh Chicken Breast, Bell Peppers & Onion all Sliced and prepared in a choice of Marinades.

Available in Chinese (Mild), Cajun (Hot) or Sweet Chilli (Medium).

Cooks quickly in a hot pan. Perfect with Noodles or even intortillas as Home-made Fajitas.

6 Free-Range, Boneless Pork Steaks-£5.99

6 Fresh, Boneless, Free-Range Pork Steaks. All Prepared & Cut on-site from the Loins of Free-Range Pigs.

2x 10oz Scotch Rump Steaks- £7.99

2 of our finest Scotch 10oz (283g) Rump Steaks at a great price.Making a good steak dinner affordable for all. 

2x 10oz SCOTCH RIB-EYE STEAKS - £13.99

If you want a really juicy and flavoursome Steak, then Rib-Eye is best. A little fattier than a Sirloin but still tender with an amazing flavour.

2lb Diced Top Rump Steak - £8.50

2lb (907g) of Diced Top Rump Steak. A Lean Steak ideal for Curries, Casseroles  & Home-made Pies.

8 Italian Meatballs in a Tomato & Herb Sauce - £3.50

8 Fresh Meatballs made from a blend of Free-Range Pork & Beef and served with a Rich Tomato & Herb Sauce. Produced and packed on-site in an Oven-Ready container, pierce the lid, and into the oven it goes!!

Boneless, Free-Range Chicken Cushions - £10.99

A 5lb Free-Range Chicken, completely boneless, stuffed with Sage & Onion Sauagemeat, rolled into a cushion and finished with a lattice of Streaky Bacon.

12 Free-Range Chicken Wings in marinade - £.3.99

12 Meaty Free-Range Chicken Wings from the same farms as our Whole Birds. Perfect for BBQ's or as a snack or side dish.

Available either plain or marinaded in: BBQ, Chinese, Cajun or Sweet Chilli.

HOME-mADE Beef Wellington - £5.99 EACH or 2 for £10.00

A generous Scotch Fillet Steak topped with Brussels Paté, finely diced Red Onion and Mushrooms. All wrapped in delicate Puff Pastry with lattice detail.

All Hand-made on the premises.


Whole Rump of Free-Range Lamb. Marinades available are: Garden Mint, Garlic & Rosemary or Mediterannean.


A generous joint of Pork Shoulder, Boneless & Rindless; rolled into a joint and marinaded in Smokey BBQ Glaze. Perfect for a Slow Cooker then 'pulled' apart when cooked.